Monday, October 5, 2009

Motivation and Quit Smoking

It has been more than five hours since I smoked my last cigarette. These five hours are relatively easy for me I am just a ten cigarettes per day addict and I have spent many times awake without smoking for a couple of hours. Among these five hours, the first craving came after about four hours. I could easily manage because of this blog and the forum.

As this is my new project I was thinking a lot of positive things that are going to happen to my that I would be sharing with my readers both through this blog and the forum. The hope for a better future is one of the reasons why I am so positive of success in quitting smoking this time.

As for my personal thoughts and insights about smoking, I think craving is something which happens to our body. I am strong believer of body-mind relationship experiencing life. A thought of cigarette triggers in a craving feeling in the body. Once this craving sensations become strong, body can easily manipulate your thinking style and lead you take action of smoking another cigarette. The thought of cigarette emerges into your brain at the first place because either the habit or from body itself due to the decrease in nicotine level.

The craving was not strong enough because of my enthusiasm and motivation towards quitting smoking. It is very important to have lot of positive motivation to deal easily with smoking cravings (that is my opinion and hope I am right). As for now I am sure I am looking forward towards a great life without smoking.

I wish here to tell you about an incident which happened a couple of years ago. My cousin Neal is one of my smoking partners. We always smoke a lot of cigarettes together whenever we meet to spend sometime with each other. My ten cigarettes a day would turn into fifteen easily whenever he is around.

One day, after reading literature of Alcoholic Anonymous and finding a lot of logic into their method, I planned of starting a club of people who wants to quit. I starting to think and plan towards goal. And then when my met Neal in the evening, I was filled with enthusiasm and explained my plan to him. Fortunately, he liked my plan and we planned a great way to start the club of smokers who want to quit and stay quit.

We never went a step further from this and eventually forgot all our planning. But the surprising fact is not both of us failed to smoke that entire evening. We just forgot smoking. This body failed to send the signals to the mild. There was completely opposite thoughts filled in the mild which failed to register anything about smoking. To make your quit easy it is very important to have a strong motivation. The stronger to motivation to easier the quit. The longer the motivation, the longer the quit. I hope this information would help you in your endeavor.

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  1. Benefits of quiting smoking:
    Longer Healthy & Happy life,More energy(when carbon monoxide will be loweing),Healthy Immune system,Saving money without spending for getting cigarette & for any treatment which is caused by smoking,Increased Breathing,Reduced stress,Apperance with younger skin,Preventing Environment from pollution.