Sunday, October 11, 2009

Plan to Stop Smoking

It requires a lot of effort to quit smoking. There are many stop smoking aids and methods available for us and for addicts like it is very important to take time to use these methods. There are forums, patches, pills, hypnotism, meditation, NLP and many more methods which we can use to stop smoking successfully. Stopping smoking cold turkey is not actually cold turkey method because you need to keep motivating yourself and get enough continuous inspiration by reading about the ills of this addiction and participating in forums.

If you are so busy that you have no time to take help of any of these methods, it is hard to stop smoking. It is for this reason, I have started a blog and participated in the forum to keep myself busy not only in my daily activities but also in the activities which will keep my motivation strong. I have found that it is very easy to quit smoking if the motivation is strong enough. But unfortunately, the emotional status of a strong motivation is not long lasting if you are not continuously feeding it with thoughts which can trigger and sustain that state.

To do this, you need to consider quitting smoking as a long-term project and plan accordingly. I know that I cannot just visit the forum just once or twice and write just a couple of blog posts and quit smoking. I also know it is okay to relapse but need to get up dust me off and try again. But it is important to bear in my mind that relapse and try again method should not become a habit in itself. For this reason, I took the decision to reinvest my time to read more about stopping smoking and plan well.

After my first relapse, I started planning in a different way. Now along with blogging about my progress in quitting smoking and participating in the forum. I decided to make exercise, yoga, and meditation a habit. Smoking as a habit leaves little space to other good habits to enter. I think replacing it with good habits enables you keep yourself aware of your aim and remain motivated. You have to spread all the activities you plan to replace the addiction of smoking throughout the day. For example, I started with yoga and meditation right after getting up in the morning, writing for the blog and visiting the forum after breakfast, avoiding junk food throughout the day, forum and reading in the evening and meditation at night.
This is how I planned my project of stopping smoking. I am sure of success this time.


  1. This is so true that to stop smoke requires lots of efforts and will. If a person knows all the bad effects of smoking and is willing to do so then only he can succeed in it otherwise providing with many alternative is worthless. Although there are many alternative products which provides with same pleasure as smoking but with no harm at all and are safe like herbal vaporizers and e-cigs.

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