Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stop Smoking Blogs As a Support System

After relapse, I started planning for further quitting. In this process I have visited a lot webs and blogs and started reading tips to stop smoking and other smoking related topics and stop smoking topics in particular.

When I started this blog, I thought the idea of starting a blog to support ones quitting program would be very rare. But, I was wrong. There are many blogs which were started by ex-smokers just to support themselves and others who wants to quit. Some of these blogs are very impressive.
The main reason for this blog is AA. This success of AA is continuous support to remain sober throughout the life and not to relapse. AA members meet everyday to help others and in turn help themselves from relapsing. Addiction to alcohol has stronger damaging capacity socially than smoking.

I want to continue to write in this blog years after my quit date both to help others and myself as I know very well that I can relapse at anytime if they say I carry a smoking gene. These blogs gave assured me of their usefulness as a support system. I am listing some of them here. I would advise you to start your own blog if the idea is interesting and I like writing.



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