Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Is My Life - Quit Smoking Importance

After being a smoker for about 25 years (I do not remember the exact year when I smoked my first cigarette but I know it was in my 15th year of age) and failing to quit smoking a couple of times, I have decided to quit smoking forever this time. What made me so sure about quitting smoking successfully this time is the information I gathered about the ills and dangers of smoking, sustained motivation by regularly reading and participating in forum and in addition some insights about smoking.

Apart from joining the forum, this blog is one of the major serious steps towards smoking cessation (quit smoking is a serious business) are some of the steps I have taken to support myself and share with others, my journey as an ex-smoker. I am sure I will be successful this time as my attempt is stronger this time with powerful tools to quit smoking.

Many of us fail to realize the importance of quitting smoking and do not prepare well enough for the day. For smoking addicts, it is not just the health or the other factors like money and tobacco smell that is affected by smoking but their life. Most of the important character traits of a successful life that we need to either have or inculcate are substituted by cigarette. Smoking as a habit is interwoven in our lives so strongly that most of the positive habits like exercise or meditation fail to find a place for themselves.

It is for these reasons I have decided to stop smoking and at the same time started this blog to record the progress to help both myself and my readers. The journey started today, 5th October 2009, Monday at 10:35 AM when I smoked my last cigarette.

I have started this blog immediately before my last cigarette and updated immediately after as I am so sure of positive impact this blog will give me to stick to my resolve. I have few insights about smoking in general and quitting smoking in particular which I think will help my readers immensely. I will write about my insights and observations in my next post.

Please read everything you can about the ills of smoking to get enough motivation before you quit. Half hearted efforts seldom give you the results you wish to have. Reading, I am sure, also will convince you enough about the importance of quitting smoking.

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