Monday, October 5, 2009

The Easy and Best Way To Quit Smoking

I always wanted to know some miracle method, the best way to quit smoking which will help me quit smoking with little effort and without craving. Obviously, I could find none. But there are methods which can make to stop smoking with a lessor degree of pain and frustration.

I have not tried hypnosis or NLP, but I know two people who are close to me who stopped smoking relatively easily. The first person is my brother who could successfully quit smoking habit of 25 years. I can tell you that he could do this without any pain, guilt of relapsing, planning or even a quit date.

He smoked one, two or three cigarettes per day for a week instead of his regular twenty cigarettes and stopped taking stopped smoking altogether within week. He is smoke free for ten years now and is sure of not becoming a smoker again. Yes he smoked twice in these ten years, but never relapsed.

The other person who could quit smoking easily is one of my friends. He also things this method as the best way I tried to quit smoking. He stopped smoking after smoking continuously twenty cigarettes per day for five years. He followed the same pattern, smoked one or two cigarettes for few days and then quit completely.

Can You Stop Smoking Easily:
There is a reason for them to quit smoking so easily. The first one is even though they are smoking addicts (smoking was the first thing in the morning and last thing before bed ) they were not chain smokers. The second and most important reason is quitting smoking was just a part of complete lifestyle changes they underwent.

My brother converted to Born Again Christianity and became a seriously religiously Christian. Along with smoking he also stopped drinking. He changed the way he used to dress. He started attending church every Sunday. Most of the free time he spent reading bible. This helped him quit smoking so effortless. Complete change of personal image and personality. It is difficult to quit smoking being the same person because smoking so strongly adheres to your life it is big task to remove it from your life being a same person.

The second person, my friend could stop for similar reasons but not religious. At 29 years of age and smoking for five years and working is small jobs, suddenly to get a big job in a different country. His entirely lifestyle changed big house, bigger cars, own gym different society everything changed. He as a person underwent a lot of change. He stopped eating junk, started golf (social influence), got married and stopped smoking.

I think you understand that quitting smoking is easy when there is complete lifestyle change and change in personal image. But the secret is changing your personal image is not so easy. You cannot leave your society and daily life so easily. You cannot become religious suddenly without any major event happening to you. But if you are fed up with your life and want yourself to be different person, then as a part of this most difficult transformation, quitting smoking is easy.

For me the best way to quit smoking is to have a lifestyle change and change of personal image. This helps in a overall developement of you as a person and makes quitting smoking easy.


  1. Stop smoking is never easy for some people, and for others very easy. I found that just cutting down can help you to quit. I read an article on easy way to stop smoking that help me a lot.

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