Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quit Smoking Meditation Which Worked For My Craving | Successful Completion of Day One:

I have successfully crossed my one-day mark of quitting smoking. As I said earlier, being busy with my quit smoking program helped me adequately pass through the periods of craving. I had a small craving after my dinner last night and heavy craving where there was a lot of discomfort in my body today after my breakfast.

There is a simple meditation technique which I use when I am in little stress. This meditation worked well with my craving also. After writing my hubpages post on quit smoking, and twitting , I had my breakfast. Immediately after my breakfast, there was a strong sense of urge to smoke. I tried to distract myself by reading some other helpful material available in the forum (I kept that window open all the day).
I must say this helped me a little, along with this I tried my favorite meditation technique. In my past, I noted that not all types of meditations are equally effective to everyone. I will describe my meditation here. Please try this and see if it is as helpful to you as it was for me.

Switch off the monitor, sit in your chair comfortably, close your eyes and relax your body by saying to yourself relax..... relax..... relax...... Imagine your body muscles being relaxed from tip of the toe to the tip of your head. Then taken three deep breaths. Remember you can do this successfully once you distracted yourself by reading material about quitting smoking. This leaves you into a positive mode. No concentrate in the center between your eyebrows. I usually the light penetrating through my closed eyelids increasing and giving a soothing feeling.

Continue the meditation for five minutes and you can find the craving disappears without a trace. I want to tell you one more fact here, there are no cigarettes available for me in my house and for any smoke I have go out by. I just resisted from going out (this worked well because I am a lazy person).

Try this meditation technique while you have urge to smoke when your are in the first day of quit smoking. Strong motivation with lot of emotional energy helps you a lot in stopping smoking successfully.
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